Ahmad Zolghadri

Entrepreneur - Head of the board and R&D Director ; for Sarouge Bon Pey (S.B.P) company .since 1990.
Inventor pattenty.
PhD in engineering management.

About Me

  • Name: Ahmad Zolghadri (Alef-Azin)
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1943
  • Address:Flat 6 , 2nd Floor , Bldg No. 8 , Vaziripout St. , Madar Sq.
    Tehran , Iran
  • Nationality: Iran
  • Phone: (0098) 09121181432
  • Email: ahmad.zolghadri@yahoo.com
Description of the Doctrine.

Based upon proof of scientific ability and managing cases in so called “not possible” cases and rejected by invited national and international experts to the scene in the field of surveying, recovering and adjusting. Awards and Professional Affiliations
Offical acceptecce admission into PhD in engineering management program by inter pacific university (17146, NE sandy Blvd,Portland,Oregon 97230 United States of America ) At 2012 and received certificate of completion under the Number of 150338 at 2014.
1. Recipient of an award from the environment Protection Agency (EPA) for capturing stone’s cutting sludge and converting it in to useful building material while protecting human life.
2. Poet , writer , journalist and columnist of newspaper s & magazines in the field of literature, economics, and society under the nick name of “ Alef-Azin”
Writer (Composer) of the I Knew You Would Becoming & The Notes Of Love Poetical Books
3. Member of the Scholastic board of Tehran University for “National Food and Nutrition Congress”1987-1989.
4. Technical speaker of the “Third International Tehran Building Exhibition “in the field of new inventions and technologies In the field of building materials.
5. One of the Entrepreneur awarded by Iran Ministry of Industries
6. Member of National investor of Iran
7. Member of science and technology of Iran.
8. Member of the Elite Society of Research and Development ministry of the mines and Industries.
9. One of the managing directors of the companies Experts, elected by the Ministry of Oil to be included in the “100” Years history of Oil Industries of Iran.
10. Speaker of the conferences in the field of corrosion and protection of oil industries.
11. Put in a Proposal as a mover of an invention for collection of the Oil leakages at Mexico canal at sep- 2010 to the Managing director of the Louisiana (USA) Health & Environmental Organization & B.P.
12. Put in a proposal as the Inventor for stabilizing of the contaminated materials by nuclear raises at Fukushima Dai-ichi Japan at April 2011.

Know How

1. Scientific knowledge of manufacturing liquid rubber Under lie Polyurethane Technology
2. Scientific knowledge of formulating various types of polyurethane known as of “ Sarothane®” for Offshore - Onshore structures also pipe lines Head-welds & heavy duty flooring.
3. Knowledge of manufacturing walkway flooring material for pedestrian overpass bridges
4. Scientific knowledge of manufacturing waterproof gypsum additive
5. Scientific knowledge of manufacturing special material from Perlite to minimize earthquake damages.
6. Scientific knowledge in the wastewater management in particular , concrete pipes and channels based upon a joint research done with Tehran Polytechnic University.
7. Scientific knowledge of manufacturing a new type of Polyurethane –Epoxy based on SBP’s register “Sarothane®” material.
8. Scientific knowledge of manufacturing electrolysis cells using concrete polymer.
9. Under going research in bullet proofing vests & outfits.
10. Scientific Knowledge of a Technology for partial Repairs on the Weak and damaged steel pipelines and storage tanks

Professional & Experimental Background

  • Scientefic Cargo senior surveyor adjuster and experienced marine surveyor.
  • Salvage engineer performing various cases in the Persian Gulf requested by London Salvage Association and local clients.
  • Marine recovery expert while minimizing losses
  • Draft and Allege surveyor
  • Insurance and marine Transportation consultant
  • PhD: In engineering management

To Praise God

The Incipient Of The Notes Of love Poetry Book By Alef Azin
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  • 1967-1980

    National Insurance company

    General agent of National Insurance company in Khuzestan province in Iran

  • 1971-1978

    Exclusive surveyor –adjuster

    Exclusive surveyor –adjuster for National Insurance Company Of Iran

  • 1980-1983

    senior cargo surveyor

    Pioneer member and senior cargo surveyor of Iran Group of Surveyors

  • 1984-1988

    Survey Recovery and Adjusting Institute (S.R.A)

    Senior surveyor and main founder of Survey Recovery and Adjusting Institute (S.R.A) invited by most Iranian organization and international organizations such P& I clubs, LLOYDS and UN (FAO)

  • 1983 - 1987

    Fundamental & Salvage engineering director

    Fundamental & Salvage engineering director of Iran Nejat (Iran Salvage) Co.

  • 1985-1988

    Research done on Galbanum plants

    Research done on Galbanum plants and its properties from 1985 to 1988 which resulted in a procedure to preserve this plant from extinction.

  • 1988 - 2016

    chairman of the board of Sarouge Bon Pey co. (S.B.P)

    Managing director and chairman of the board of Sarouge Bon Pey co. (S.B.P) since 1988 to 2003
    head of the board for Sarouge Bon Pey co. (S.B.P) since 2003 until NOW.
    Managing director for Petro Chem Coat Sdn. Bhd. –Malaysia from 2010-2014


1-Holder of a patent for repairing-Maintaining & protection of Airport Apron Structures
2-Holder of a patent in manufacturing special type of insulation used in water-cooled air conditioners by reducing the amount of water & electricity consumption while increasing the cooling effect.
3-Holder of a patent on protective coating and anti shatter glass structures in earthquakes.
4-Holder of a patent in moisture irrigation system of reduces the water consumption compared to trickle irrigation system.
5-Holder of a patent for reinforce polymer of re-bottoming oil storage tanks. Against corrosion –Erosions, causes minimizing up keep expense and rapped return to servicing
6-Holder of a patent in bulk cargo sampling from surface to tank top in the “vessel holds “ especially for grain inspections.
7-Holding of a patent in recovery of Kernel Shells for usages in Electrical industries.
8-Holder of a patent in desalinating seawater with power of the wind and solar energy plus filtrations.
9-Holder of a patent in scientific knowledge of rapid curing of Bitumen emulsion used in unfired bricks as building material.
10-Holder of a patent in manufacturing super light building material in high rises while reducing energy consumption as insulator.
11-Holder of a patent for energy saving in building using polymer coating lining and paneling.
12-Holder of a patent in sealing the existing cavities in the bed of lakes and dams.
13-Holder of a patent in scientific knowledge of manufacturing underwater coating for protection of piles either coating or structural stabilizing which is applied from above the water.
14-Holder of a patent on repair and rejuvenating damaged concrete structure of dams
15-Holder of a patent on concrete polymer material for the restoration and repair of damaged concrete surfaces. Also a special concrete Resistant to Nuclear rises
16-Holder of a patent on a polymer substance to resist electrical conductivity for up to 10,000 volts per millimeter from low to high voltages for safety Electrical boxes and tails.
17-Holder of a patent in converting regular common wood properties in to “teak” wood properties for marine industry applications and cooling towers
18-Holder of a patent in producing electrical energy from coastal waves.
19-Holder of a patent in modeling system to insulate tails anchors and electrical connections to eliminate electrical shortages.
20-Holder of the patent on special type of polymer material to work as an adhesive for reconstruction and permanent binding of new to old concrete structures.

21-Holding of a patent in production of hi density , mid density and metal reinforced wood material for Building industries by the waist of palm oil industries (PKS &EFB)
22-Holder of patent of insulating the reinforced iron bars in concrete structures.
23-Saving the earth for saving the life.

-Minimizing water usages by monitories irrigation and the (E) shape planting innovation by three technology in a single patent:
Title of invention:
The production technology of mass out of particles in stabilizing particulates and shifting sands according to the law of gravity and their reproduction potential including the technologies (mass components – executive machinery and (E) Nest design)

in progress

Published & Patented at USA USPTO



Dams Refloating Stracture stabilizing


Apron Repaiting Technology (Patented)


Power Plants


Kave Industrial Group-Methanol Site


offshore Coating


Kave Soda




Portfolio Title


Years of Experience


Cargo & Marin (survey Recover & Adjusting)


Engineering Management



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